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Gary K.

Dean is terrific! He has been handling my taxes for over 25 years. His knowledge and expertise in the area of finances, investments, and taxes are stellar. That is why I have remained committed to working with Dean for this long, and will continue to do so. After I paid off my initial property, Dean discussed with me the advantages of having tax write-offs if I elected to purchase and finance another property. That great recommendation, and my decision to follow it, led me to secure a property in Virginia nearby to where my family resides (which will be paid off by the time I plan to retire). Additionally, Dean's excellent handling of my Roth IRA account has been great as it relieves me of the stress as to where the asset allocation should be at any given time. Dean has guided me in maximizing my assets, and has also quelled my anxieties when geopolitical forces disrupt the markets. He continues to inspire me to work smartly with my money and holdings. Dean is a keeper!

Richard D.

Dean has been preparing my taxes for about 18 years. He has been able to assist with my returns despite my many addresses in New Jersey, California, Texas, New Mexico and recently back in California. He invariably does a great job and I trust him 100%. There's something to say about sticking with one person despite multiple addresses, and that is that he is unquestionably competent, responsive and always a pleasure to work with. I recommend him without reservation.

Alma O.


For the past several years, Dean Wong has been doing my taxes. I am so impressed as to how comprehensive it is when received and on a timely manner. It is obvious that a lot of careful thinking was put into it and he sure does know what he is doing. He is 5-star! For all your tax requirements as well as financial planning, the only choice is Dean!

John W.

Dean Wong is a Professional and extremely competent CPA. Our HOA has been using Dean Wong for all our needed tax preparation services for the past 25 years. Dean has always been thorough and prompt with reviewing our yearly tax preparation needs and has been very comfortable to work with. Dean has reviewed our specific needs over the many years we have contracted with him and has offered directions and advice with any issues he feels will save us tax dollars or reviews by the IRS. With Dean's professional management of our tax preparation, we have never been audited by IRS or had any issues with our returns. Dean is easy to work with, has a very comfortable style, a good sense of humor, and will answer any questions with easy-to-understand explanations and solutions to our particular HOA needs. Dean is quick and our returns are usually ready for review and pick-up within a 5-7-day window. Dean has a very comfortable office, which is quiet, secure, and pleasant to work in, with plenty of easy parking and safe easy access to his building. Our HOA has been more than happy with Dean's services and will continue to rely on his excellent management of our tax needs.

Ignacio A.

Several years ago, I was in need of assistance in filing my income tax. A member of my church who handled tax matters for people in the movie industry suggested a Dean Wong, who was also a member of my church. I did and have never regretted meeting Dean. I found him to be very personable and knowledgeable about all financial business. He understood my tax and financial needs and did not hesitate to suggest how to better manage my finances for future savings. When I experienced capital gain upon selling my home, he predicted the extra tax burden I would have so that I could better prepare for my financial future. There is no better financial advisor than CPA, Dean in my book.

Michael M.

I have been depending on Dean Wong and his excellent financial advice for over 20 years. He started doing my taxes at the turn of the century and gradually became my financial advisor. Because of Dean's help, I was able to retire last June with confidence in my financial future. I'm fortunate that a friend suggested him to me long ago. Many thanks to Dean and his expert help.